How to Register a Free .np Domain in Nepal

How to Register a Free .np Domain in Nepal

About .np  Domain In Nepal

The .np domain is the country code top-level domain for Nepal. It is controlled by Mercantile Communication Pvt. Ltd. Located at Darbarmarg, you need their approval To Register so lets get started with the topic How To Register

You can obtain and register Free Domain or any secondary .np domain in Nepal. You can choose .np domain according to your choice and business. There are many secondary level .np domain

Register a free domain

Available .NP domains

Domain Extensions Entry area Notes commercial This is an open ccTLD; any person or entity is permitted to register. Though originally intended for for-profit business entities, for a number of reasons it became the "main" ccTLD for domain names and is currently used by all types of entities including nonprofits, schools and private individuals. Domain name registrations may be challenged if the holder cannot prove an outside relation justifying reservation of the name, to prevent "squatting". cooperatives The ccTLD is limited to cooperatives. educational The ccTLD is limited to specific educational institutions such as, but not limited to, primary schools, middle schools, secondary schools, colleges, and universities. governmental The ccTLD is limited to Nepal governmental entities and agencies. information This is an open ccTLD; any person or entity is permitted to register. Nepal military The ccTLD is limited to use by the Nepal military. individuals, by name This is an open ccTLD; any person or entity is permitted to register; however, registrations may be challenged later if they are not by individuals (or the owners of fictional characters) in accordance with the domain's charter. network For use by domains pointing to a distributed network of computers, or "umbrella" sites that act as the portal to a set of smaller websites. organization For use by non-profit organizations, and still primarily used by same.

Register .np ccTLD Domain for Free

To obtain FREE domain registration, you need to have a citizenship certificate for personal domain and PAN certificate and company registration certificate for business use.

You will also need cover letter to request free .np domain in Nepal.

Besides these all you should also have already purchased web hosting or obtain a name server from your web hosting provider. But don’t worry you don’t need to pay I have already written an article about how to get free hosting in Nepal click here. But First Read this Complete Guide About How to get domain in Nepal

Since you need to enter name servers at the domain registration process ask for your web hosting company.

You can find sample documents at the end of this post.

So now lets get started step by step on How To Register

Free Domain Registration in Nepal

First Step

First Go To the Link To register domain

The First Page Would Look Like this

Second step

Search For Your Desired Domain

It shows You this page If desired domain is Available

So if Your desired Domain is Available Click on Register Now

Third step

Now it will take you To this Page

Now will Be sort of Confused what are the Name servers

As i Already told You you need to purchase a hosting in nepal which costs alot

But Dont worry ! I have a free Name servers for You guys copy the text below in those table

Name servres

Now fill all the forms Given below

One all Done Click save and continue

Fourth Step

You will have to submit Your Document and a cover letter

Feeling Bored to write a cover letter i will give a sample for you just copy it on your notepad and edit some part

sample of cover letter for How To Register

You Name
Mobile: Your+Number

The HostMaster
NP ccTLD Registration Services
Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Mon Apr 13 2022

Subject: Application for domain registration

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to request the registration of domain under my name You Name with domain

Applying for registration of the domain follows all the term and conditions of Domain registration residing at “”. I submit the required for the domain registrations as per the rule.

Thank you for “helping the industry and civil society to make them online”. Entry area for is “commercial” and Notes is “open ccTLD, any person or entity is permitted to register” as mentioned on “”.

I would be very grateful indeed for your help. Needless to say, I will be glad to supply you with any further information you may need. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Your Sincerely,
You Name


Sumbit all the required Documents

Your Page Would Look Like This

Click on Request Domain

Now your Free domain is registered

I hope this article How To Register Domain was Heplful For You It will Help You to How To Register Domain for free in nepal.It Takes around 1 day than your domain will be approved


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